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Event consumer for WPF

Jun 14, 2010 at 7:54 PM

XP pro, .NET 3.5.

I am trying to profile WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) rendering using ETW. The idea is to collect timing needed for rendering of each tree elements (similar to Visual profiler in WPF Performance Profiling Tool). So, basically all of it is just consuming WPF events comprise rendering (measure, layout and arrange).

I am able to receive measure, layout and arranged events (start and stop) but I am not able to find any documentation regarding interpretation of the data I am receiving in EVENT_TRACE header to properly identify element for which given event is generated.
Has anybody have any idea where can I find any documentation regarding trace data?

I thought switching to Windows Vista or 7 and .NET 4.0 would make my life easier but it is not a case due to lack of documentation.
I am also into TraceEvent classes and wonder if WPFTraceEventParser is actually a parser for WPF. It does not look like it is, since provider GUID and name is different from ETW manifest.
Therefore in order to create a parser class from above manifest file I need to know how to parse it in the first place.

Anybody who could help me with this task?